Stephen Keefe for Mayor of Fredonia, New York
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“The Village of Fredonia needs strong leadership to take us in a positive direction. To be mayor, one should be a good manager. As mayor, I will work closely with the trustees and department heads to ensure that we are fiscally responsible, that essential services are maintained and delivered in the most cost effective and timely manner, and that the appearance of the village promotes pride. Although the position of mayor is part-time, I will make a full-time commitment to the well- being of the village. My administration will be transparent and I will be accessible to the community.

” - Stephen Keefe



Stephen Keefe was elected Village of Fredonia trustee in 1999 and served until asked to accept the position of Chautauqua County legislator, District 25. Mr. Keefe served as county legislator for nine years and did not seek re-election in 2014. “The experience that I gained in both local and county government will help me greatly in the position of Mayor of Fredonia. Not only was I involved in local government, but I also made allies in local, state and federal government. My ability to work with leaders, regardless of political affiliation, makes me a valuable asset.” - Stephen Keefe



"Village elections are the backbone of democracy. It is important that everyone cast his/her vote on March 14th. I would appreciate your support, but it is more important that your voice is heard. Please take the time to vote." - Stephen Keefe